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Nasty Smell in Sink...HELP!

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    Re: Nasty Smell in Sink...HELP!

    Originally posted by gear junkie View Post
    Does one side drain slower than the other?

    Yes. The side that is deeper than the other drains slow and is also the one that tends to back up from time to time.


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      Re: Nasty Smell in Sink...HELP!

      guys, give joey a chance to help her. she just called me and i told her to get on it.

      joey do me right

      thanks joey, i'll be home late tonight.

      phoebe it is


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        Re: Nasty Smell in Sink...HELP!

        Originally posted by cbj10206 View Post
        Hey Now! He is NOT my honey-do boy!

        I rarely ask him to do anything. In fact, I do all the daily maintenance type crap myself and even a majority of home improvement type stuff by myself. I only ask for help if it is something I dont know how to do and cant learn by simply reading instructions or something, or if it requires a certain amount of upper body strength.

        Although, if the truth be known, if anyone should be entitled to a work-free weekend, or work-free evenings, it should most definitely be me! I work from the time I get up until the time I go to bed by taking care of his 5 kids while he sits in an office all day enjoying extended lunches that are paid for (a good part of the time) by his vendors. Not to mention the deep-sea fishing trips, hunting trips, and anything else trips that the vendors take him on during working hours.

        I can totally see how annoying it must be to come home after a long, hard, sweat-filled day of wearing a hole in his chair from his ever expanding a$$ to a wife that relentlessy nags at him to put his clothes in the dirty hamper while she has her head stuck under the kitchen cabinet trying to figure out how to get rid of the nasty smell because God forbid that he does it and risk losing precious time from the crater sized hole that he burned on the couch!

        BTW, I am totally joking! The fact that he goes to work everyday just to keep food on the table for his family and the fact that he doesnt give me crap about staying at home with the kids rather than working to help pay the bills, well, words cant express how greatful I am for that! He ROCKS!
        Got any sisters?


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