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Need help deciding on system 2000 boiler..need help pleaseee

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  • Need help deciding on system 2000 boiler..need help pleaseee

    I'm in DESPERATE need of help in figuring out which boiler to purchase ...I'm very interested in buying the System 2000...does anyone know if this is a good choice or does anyone know of anything better or efficient? I really would like something that saves energy & doesn't make as much noise as the one i have now...Please if anyone has ANY INFORMATION it would be sooo helpful. I need to replace my boiler as soon as possible seeing how it is leaking & definately will not last until fall...thank you for taking the time to read..please reply asap or email me at again, Melissa

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    Re: Need help deciding on system 2000 boiler..need help pleaseee

    There's some info here:


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      Re: Need help deciding on system 2000 boiler..need help pleaseee

      It is a great choice. Just be sure whoever sells it understands it.


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        Re: Need help deciding on system 2000 boiler..need help pleaseee

        I was the first Sys 2000 dealer in Alaska. Well, actually the first EK dealer in the western US. My first install of course was my own house, and that System is still working perfect after over 25 years! In retrospect, I was no expert back then so it was not rocket surgery.

        I have not sold them for years now but I still install other brands so I feel I have the distance to be objective. I am constantly searching for something as good or better.

        People who don't know the system exaggerate the complexity. It is just so simple. It has the same burners as on many other brand boilers. Beckett and Reillo burners for example. Per the instructions you set the fire at 10% CO2, check that the smoke is 0 and you are done. The only problem is that there is no play. You have to set it right.

        The other way to screw it up is to not understand that it is designed to go from room temp to 160-180 in 1.5 to 2 minutes, run hot and save fuel by shutting off and letting it purge the heat back down and leave it at room temp.
        Sorry, I am sure you have read the website. They don't say that if it is improperly installed to allow a large volume of cold water to keep it running for long periods at condensing temperatures, say under 140F, then you will rust it out. Common sense to any competent installer.

        This is common practice for other boiler brands as well. They use various techniques, such as putting the boiler on a seperate loop from the radiation. The Burnham MPO, has a built in return water blending device to mix hot boiler water with the return to keep the boiler temp up. This is just common sense but especially important to a steel boiler.

        Some heating men don't like it because it is sold only by dealerships, so they are annoyed that they can't buy and sell it so they criticize it.

        Some burner guys hate the fact that there is no view of the fire. It was designed that way to prevent guys from thinking/dreaming that they can adjust a few thousand degree fire by eye. You must use the CO2 tune up tool period. Make sure your guy has a Bacharach tune up kit. If not, kick him out fast.

        As NH Master said, be sure of your dealer. The company tries to have good dealers but they can't be everywhere.
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