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Trickle in the Shower and more

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  • Trickle in the Shower and more

    I recent moved into a 2002 built home. First time home owner.
    I have two issues:-

    1. When someone is taking a shower, and another person flushes the toilet, then the water flow in the shower is down to a trickle. The faucets in the house are from Moen. I had the city come and look at the pressure. They said very is fine and most likely the PRV is bad.
    a. I dont want to take their word for it and wanted a second opinion
    b. Reading other post, it was recommended that if it was PRV, get a professional to do it. How long would it get ti fixed?

    2. In the bath tub, even in the closed position, there is constant drops of water leaking out. Is this something easy to fix by myself? I have to admit, I have never done any plumbing work before.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Trickle in the Shower and more

    A plumber "should" be able to repair the two items you describe in 2 hours or less.

    I emphasize "should" because every plumber has had things that should go one way and fall apart before their very eyes making a 1 hour repair a 4 hour repair.

    Based on the age of your home and what you post, 2 hours or less.

    The PRV may just need adjusting rather than replacement.

    Call plumber, 1 call, all finished.



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      Re: Trickle in the Shower and more

      Thank you.