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Deep Well Pump has stopped, What now?

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  • Deep Well Pump has stopped, What now?

    Hi, About five years ago we paid someone to replace our deep well pump. It wasn't overly expensive, and the economy wasn't as bad...
    The pump has stopped working.
    I have replaced the switch on the preasure tank, the circuit breaker in the breaker box, checked the wiring at the well head.
    All seems in order, but I noticed the plate on the well head was hot near where the ground wire was connected. I turned off the breaker before I went to check the wires, it took about two minutes to turn off the breaker, the clime down into the cement box the well head is in.
    This does not seem normal. It is a 220 volt system with the two wires running into the house, and the ground attatched to the well head.

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    Re: Deep Well Pump has stopped, What now?

    After you shut off power did the plate/cover that was hot cool off quickly? I have a gut feeling you may have damaged wiring near that area and are leaking current to ground. If you have a steel well casing as most are the casing is one super ground rod. Do you know a good electrician? If yes, he/she can help check the wiring and also if power is actually getting to the pump. I'm assuming you have a submersible pump down in the well.


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      Re: Deep Well Pump has stopped, What now?

      you replaced a number of things, WHY? was it tripping the breaker? if it was is it still tripping the breaker? (if it is then some thing is over loading the circurt),

      If you were just replacing the things you could easily reach with out a real reason then.

      I will just ask, if one puts there ear to the pipe can you hear the motor run? or any thing?
      (you may have to turn it on and off to hear the diffrnece, but more than likely you should be able to hear it run if it is.),

      I would also put a clamp amp meter on and see if it pulling any amps when the power is on, and if the legs are equal, (if not equal then more than likely you have some type of leakage, (which could be you warm spot, or where the power is returning to the well head via the ground),

      If it running that is the case, then you will need to figure out if it is not pumping or leaking,

      there is probably little one can acutely do with out pulling the well up, unless it is a wiring problem that one can reach, (double check all your top side connections and items that there functioning properly) (check under the well head to see if there are any splices that could have corroded and failed) (usaly a special type of wire is used in the well and may be spliced near the well head),

      If it is running and not pumping then more than likely either the pump is shot or coupling is gone between motor and pump, or pipe is split or broke, leaking out the pumped water,
      if the pump is not running most likely one will have to pull it and replace it,

      If this occurred after a lighting storm (lighting likes submersible pumps), there is a good chance your pump could have been fried by lighting.

      some home owners insurance can cover some well problems or some types of them it may be worth looking it to it,
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        Re: Deep Well Pump has stopped, What now?

        I would be careful about any troubleshooting by a person with minimal electrical experience. This sounds like damaged insulation (replaced switch because the pump did not start and replaced the breaker because of repeated trips I am guessing) and a short to ground, which creates a condition where there is voltage applied to unknown components in the system. If you touch something that is not normally energized you could be shocked or worse, electrocuted. Maybe it is something as simple as a pinched wire with damaged insulation. Could have happened when the cover was taken off the well head depending on the design. Another possibility is the ground is functioning as the neutral and is energized when it should not be. This could be because of damage or break in the neutral, or a poor or loose connection somewhere.

        Open the breaker and enlist the services of an licensed electrician. The hour or two it will take him to fix this is much cheaper than a funeral.

        Sorry of that seems harsh but it's the safest way to proceed.
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          Re: Deep Well Pump has stopped, What now?

          I was replacing things I could reach without pulling the pump. The breaker had tripped at one time, and seemed to not turn off solidly, so I replaced that as well. Thank you for your recomendations, I have too many things left to do to go electricuting myself. This may need professionals .


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            Re: Deep Well Pump has stopped, What now?

            For that thoughtful post you get.
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