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Hammering in water lines

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  • Hammering in water lines

    I have severe hammering in my water lines. This happens sometimes when flushing the toilet and it's filling up the closet, just turning on a tap at a low volume. I have tried draining the lines but to no avail. The only change that I know of is the local water folks installed a new meter. I'd like to gain some knowledge before I contact them if in fact this is a possibility. Thanks for any help.
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    Re: Hammering in water lines

    verify that your angle stops/ shut off valves to the fixtures are open all the way.

    also that your water service is open all the way if it's a globe valve.

    if this happens on multiple fixtures, then i would also look at your pressure regulator.

    if it's isolated to a fixture, then there's your problem.

    typical causes are a loose washer. the water gets the washer to vibrate open and close rapidly, creating the water hammer.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Hammering in water lines

      Rick is right on, here in SoCal we find the pressure regulators go out or the water pressure is increased it causes a lot more water noise in the pipes and will cause more intense ( louder) . From what you are describing it sounds like it may be the ballcock (water inlet) to the toilet is going bad, if it sounds like a small train ( Vibration ) going thru your house near that bathroom (true water hammer is like a single BANG sound) try shutting off the toilet at the angle stop and see if you can still make the noise. if you cant it is the ballcock, make sure you shut off all toilets and then turn them on one at time and try to make the noise untill one does.


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        Re: Hammering in water lines

        how high do you like to set your prvs .