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Thermal Expansion Tank

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    Re: Thermal Expansion Tank

    dunbar, they are even allowing dead ends from sprinkler heads on a potable water system. They're going to allow the heads to tee right off of the cold runs, and be a permanent dead end, or at least until the fire sprinkler is needed.

    All on a pex system. Not saying dead ends are safe, just that they are a fact of life here in IPC land.
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      Re: Thermal Expansion Tank

      It was kind of like some sick TXT murder film.

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        Re: Thermal Expansion Tank

        120psi is just begging for problems...
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          Re: Thermal Expansion Tank

          Originally posted by DUNBAR View Post

          You guys that have pointed out that IPC doesn't prohibit dead ends in potable water supply...

          Are you encouraging this as a good thing?
          Not at all. I really think the IPC should prohibit them. Just wanted the whole story presented. How do you guys plumb expansion tanks and thermometer wells? these are 2 examples I would think of as dead ends.

          BTW-you swing like a girl.
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            Re: Thermal Expansion Tank

            McNuggets sound good!

            I'm swinging with the arm that I tore my rotator cuff on 3 years ago and never saw a doctor or therapist, and I have full motion out of the arm, just that I do things very guarded because the pain was horrible for months.

            And I never took but 2 days off, I worked the day after I did it, back to work on monday.

            That, is determination to not be stopped.
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              Re: Thermal Expansion Tank

              This is a dead end installation:
              should avoid if possible?


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                Re: Thermal Expansion Tank

                There's nothing incorrect about the picture you showed. If it tees off, and there's no isolation valve between that tank and the water supply isolating that tank, it's fine.

                Using a valve to isolate that tank is illegal in the state of kentucky. Might be convenience to plumbers to make that valve isolate the tank for replacement, but too often it's a valve that can thrown down and prevent the tank from doing its job.

                I cannot believe how many times I've entered a home after there was a leak, every valve in the house was turned off in a panic.

                Then they wonder why some fixtures are not operating properly.

                That's why code in KY disallows that valve application.

                The line serving that expansion tank can run as long as need be, as long as that expansion tank is not isolated from the device that is producing the thermal expansion.

                That would mean between the cold water inlet shutoff and the top of that water heater. Codes in other states allow a thermal expansion tank anywhere in the potable water supply but in a worst case scenario, this can be isolated or "valved off" without anyone recognizing this, leaving the potable water system unprotected.
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                  Re: Thermal Expansion Tank

                  I thought you guys were talking about install an expansion tank in a dead end location, then bad thing may happen to the expansion tank because of the dead end position. The portable water from that expansion tank is really bad. How can we avoid that? Change expansion tank regularly every few years or check the expansion tank regularly? but how to check it?


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                    Re: Thermal Expansion Tank

                    In our area local codes say that no potable water lines may have a dead end over 3 feet. Most of are inspections come out of health departments and not building departments. they say the water will go stagnant and becomes a health risk.
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                      Re: Thermal Expansion Tank

                      This same thing happens in Well Tanks. We have people in Forums telling homeowners to just repressurize the bad tank and it will be OK for a while. Adding air to a tank that has a ruptured bladder will push nasty water into the system faster than anything else.

                      I question the harmfulness of the water in these tanks. Yeah, it looks nasty, but I have never heard of anyone dying or even getting sick from the water in such a tank.

                      By the way, we use an Axe, not a Carpenters hammer. It's quicker and easier. Carrying a 120 gallon equivalent bladder tank out of someone's yard full of water isn't a fun thing to do.
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