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Craftsman 3 galloon air compressor

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  • Craftsman 3 galloon air compressor

    I am using a 3 gallon Craftsman air compressor that claims to produce upto 125psi. However i only get a maximum of 20psi, what could be wrong?

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    Re: Craftsman 3 galloon air compressor

    typically you have tank pressure and then regulated air pressure.

    if you're connected to a tank regulator, then just turn it up.

    are there pressure gauges installed on the tank and regulator?

    hope it's just an adjustment to the pressure regulator.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Craftsman 3 galloon air compressor

      Does the compressor cycle on and off during use (consumption of air)? Pressure switches on compressors in this pressure range are usually designed to come on when the tank pressure is about 90psi and pump up to 125 psi and cut off. Do you have two pressure gauges, one indicating tank pressure and one indicating regulated pressure? One would need a bit more information about your "setup" before being able to offer a diagnosis.


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        Re: Craftsman 3 galloon air compressor

        I also bought a Craftsman three (3) gallon air compressor, thinking it would be a nice one to have in my work trailer for whatever reason. I had a problem with it not producing enough pressure either, unless I shut it down, then drained the tank and started over. I took it back and they told me they were having some problems with this particular compressor with the check valve. Whether yours is still under warranty or not, I'd take it back and tell them what it is doing. Maybe, just maybe, you will get a salesperson who knows of this problem with these compressors. Good Luck, David


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          Re: Craftsman 3 galloon air compressor

          You can't discuss PSI on an air compressor without also discussing DFM.

          A particular tool...lets just say an air nailer.....requires a certain VOLUME of air to work. If the tool draws way more CFM than the compressor and its tank combination can deliver, then it's just like water....the PRESSURE drops.