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Basement Water Issue

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  • Basement Water Issue

    I am hoping someone can help me out.

    As I was looking for a new house today I came across a property that had water in the basement. I attached a few pics below. It looks as if the water issue started from the sump pump but found water in other areas of the basement primarily around the perimeter but not completely all of the way around. I am assuming that the sump pump had an issue, backed up and the excess water made its way to the low spots. The water/liquid is a brownish tea color not solids in it. In addition, where there is water the paint on the floor is beading up. The basement is very humid, pipes are covered in condensation
    - Do you feel that this issue is due to the sump pump, if not what are your thoughts
    - Where the paint on the floor is beading up is that just due to being wet for so long
    - Could someone tell me what the object to right of the sump pump is. The galvanized water heater type object.

    Your thoughts are greatly appreciated.

    Rough shot of sump

    Floor paint bead up

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    Re: Basement Water Issue

    Not enough info? Look at all the rust on the heater. Not a new issue. Flood area? Downspouts just dumping on the ground? BAd pump could of course have happened many times.
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