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  • Black Specs

    We've been dealing with black specs (that smear mostly) for over a year now from our dishwasher, bathtub and have seen them in the shower and faucets throughout the house. We've had the expansion tank, anode rod and PRV replaced. There's been minimal relief for a while and then they come back.

    I've hit a wall on what else this could be and how to permanently fix it. My last possible option is replacing the braided flex hose on the hot water heater but I could have sworn that the plumber who replaced our expansion tank and anode said that we had the right ones and that it didn't need to be replaced.

    Before I call and pay someone out to take another look, it would be nice to know what I'm looking for. Anyone have a pict of what this looks like on a hot water heater?

    Any other recommendations for what this could be?

    P.S. I'm on City water (not well).

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    Re: Black Specs

    This has come up more than once here.

    Check this thread


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      Re: Black Specs

      Hot water flex is the bad boy,FOR SURE. In My own home,I had Your problem. After You change them,do this. Cut back the S.S. mesh,fillet the HOT rubber hose inside. Now run Your finger inside the rubber and BLACK JELLO will peel of like jam. It was a bad batch,but Ive switched to copper flexes
      I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .