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Water Heater Exhaust Pipes

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  • Water Heater Exhaust Pipes

    Hi Experts,

    I have power vented water heater.
    The heater uses the 636 pipes and they are 2" dia. with a total run of about 10 to 12 feet. The motor, while not silent, is pretty quiet but there is a lot of noise at the exhaust pipe which is located not too far from my kitchen window.

    I know there are larger diameter pipes allowed for the application and that the motor would allow a 3" pipe if I changed the motor-to-pipe reducer. Right now it reduces to 2".

    The job is easy and I did PVC piping before and I am aware of various pipe schedules, but I don't want to spent time an money if it offers no advantages to me, or if it potentially unsafe to increas the diameter of the exhaust pipe. My plan is to basically replicate the existing pipe run but replace them all with a 3" set up.

    Is it a safe thing to do?
    Will I get any decrease in the noise?
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    Re: Water Heater Exhaust Pipes

    you need to check the installation instructions that came with the unit it will supply you with what you can and cannot do, its all about the manufacturers specs, if you don't have them go on line to get them.


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      Re: Water Heater Exhaust Pipes

      u dont want to up size unless necessary beacuse the equipiment was designed for the 2" pipe size ie. pipe restriction, velocity, ect. Also i hope your exaust isnt too close to your kitchen window beacuse code may not allow you to be with in a certain distance of a fresh air intake.
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