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electrical water heater advices needed

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  • electrical water heater advices needed

    This is related to those two threads:

    I put them together, add more info and photos here. Need your expertise to help me figure out what should I do next.

    I inherited an old (about 15yrs) solar panel hot water system. My water heater is an electrical assisted solar hot water tank from American ( it was a replacement of a 1997 installation in 2001.

    just found some water on the bottom recently during sunny day when solar system is on, but water will dry out gradually after solar system is off. The photo with leaking bottom was shot at noon time and the photo showing dried floor was taken in the early morning. You can also see a bubble on the leaking photo.

    The water is very hot during a summer day. I was set the temperature to 200 degree and just realized that it was too high and changed it to 180 degree now.

    Maybe the temperature is a factor for the leaking.

    There is no expansion tank for my water heater. There are two separated water loop in the solar panel system: solar panel loop and water tank loop. There is only one expansion tank in solar panel loop. 1. Do I need a expansion tank in the water tank loop?

    All pipe connections are on the top of the tank and I checked there are no leakage from the top.

    I agreed with Rick. It may not be a tank leak. I will check it again tomorrow when sun comes back. 2. where the leakage comes from?

    In the meantime, i am looking for a replacement in case I cannot fix it. In my case, 3. glass lined tank is better or stainless steel tank is better?

    Looks like American Water Heater Company's heater is not good enough in this house, consumed two heaters within 12 years. 4. Which brand do you recommend to me?

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    Re: electrical water heater advices needed

    take a closer look at your automatic air vent at the top of the tank. see the bluish/ green staining.

    also 200 is way to hot and dangerous for this type of heater.

    place a bucket under all your relief valve outlets and see it they get wet.

    also purchase the pressure gauge with the secondary needle i mentioned and install it the hose bibb overnight or a full day.

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    phoebe it is