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  • Trouble with Jetters

    We have purchased two Ridgid K1750 Jetters for our drain cleaning business. On the first job the one jetter lost all pressure and would not regain any pressure. After about 2 months of use the second machine went on the broken list too. It will only pressure up to 500 psi and nothing more anyone have had problems like this or can give us advice on what to do to correct the problem would be appreciated

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    Re: Trouble with Jetters

    Are you sure the tip isn't clogged?
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      Re: Trouble with Jetters

      Yes we checked the inlet screens and cleaned the tips nothing seemed to make any diffence


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        Re: Trouble with Jetters

        just to verify, pumps run but don't make pressure?

        plugged nozzles would tend to make them run higher, not lower pressures

        the low pressure would be either low flow, or flow not getting to the ouutlet/pressure line

        low flow could be a restriction in the inlet starving the pump, which you've checked, low rpm on the pump for some reason, or (and I suspect this) some grit just small enough to make it through the inlet screen and largeenough to lodge in one or more of the check valves in the pump and hang them open.

        flow not getting to the outlet would be an unloader issue; make sure you've got it twisted in, try unhooking the bypass line and running it to make sure you are not bypassing all your pumps flow.

        I suspect it will be grit in the check valves. I would dissassemble a pump enough to remove the check valves (there should be six if this is the usual triplex plunger pump, one each on the inlet and outlet side of each piston) and make sure they are ok. These are usually pretty easy to get to. download an exploded parts diagram to see how to best get to them. a clue that this is likely the problem would be a bouncy/vibraty needle on the pressure gage
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          Re: Trouble with Jetters

          We did exactly what you recommended ace and it it worked on one of the jetters it was a combination of plugged check valves and the pressure adjustment spring being weak. We did the same with the other however to no avail. we ordered new cups as it appears that they may have minor wear but not sure if that will even solve the problem thanks for the input


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            Re: Trouble with Jetters

            sometime if you get a big piece of junk in there it will crack a piston; they are usually ceramic and pretty brittle. sometimes they get shatterered altogether and you get a bunch of kind of sharp white grit as a clue. pulling the pump head off will tell you for sure.

            on the one thats not woking at all,

            first verify the pump is turning, not just the motor

            then pull the by pass line off and outlet line off, put water to it, and see which (or if its both) lines its running out. it should all come out the outlet with the motor off. if some or all is coming out the bypass, disassemble the unloader; its probably a chunk of crap hung in the unloader seat.

            if it's all coming out the outlet, then turn the pump on and see what happens... you should be able to crank the unloader in until all the flow comes out the outlet.

            in general,

            make sure the pump turns,
            make sure it's making some flow
            figure out where the flow is going; if it's all to the outlet, but insufficient, look deeper at the pump, but if some or all is going to bypass, look at the unloader.

            for future ref, think about what the crap was that was in the valves, and how it got there... water heater drains are bad ideas for hooking up to water; you get calcium grit out them.
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            This is my reminder to myself that no good will ever come from discussing politics or religion with anyone, ever.