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  • Sump pit?

    I would like to install a sump pit and pump in my house, I have a few questions and would like to get some answers before I waste to much time thinking about it.
    I have an old house, built in about 1889. Needless to say that running water was not in wide use around here back then. The house used to have a septic system but the previous owner had problems and totally unhooked it and installed pipes to hook up the house to the city sewer system.
    The pipe that runs to the sewer is 3 inches up the wall in the basement. This is a problem. The sink, toilet, and tub are installed on plywood and 2x6's about 6 inches above the floor. I would like to one day build a bedroom where this whole pipe is. I know I will probably have to tear up the floor and do some other things, but first I would like to know if this can even be done?
    I would like to drain the entire house into this pit if at all possible.

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    Re: Sump pit?

    Ya, you could drain a whole house into a pit, BUT the pump and the tank would need to be pretty big, so its not the best idea.

    I would suggest going back to the city set up or hiring someone to plumb that all in for ya to the septic tank etc,.

    Food for thought:

    In hospitals many complete floors dump into a "pit" but the PUMPS and the tanks are LARGE.....


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      Re: Sump pit?

      I don't understand your reply. The previous owners rendered the septic tank useless, besides the septic tank line is worse than the city sewer line, the septic line is half way up the wall. The septic tank line is on the other side of the house of the sewer line.
      Nothing can be done with the city line. Where the sewer line in the house is is where it will have to stay. I used to work for the city and have experience with sewer lines in town. The main sewer line is burryed in the street and it is higher than the basement floor. So getting the city to do anything will be like trying to pull teeth out of an crocodile.
      Besides, the city has too many problems with there lift station set up to even consider doing anything about my service connection. I worked on the lift station, it is sixty years old and needs constant babysitting. I wish my house was on the north side of town, those sewer lines are real deep!