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backed up sewer line

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  • backed up sewer line

    Ive been having problems with the ol clay pipe everybody loves so much.Ive used the rotor rooter but that only lasted for three days of flow,now Im backed up again.I bought a drain cleaning bladder to force the water through,havent tried it yet ,do u think its time I dig it up and replace the pipes

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    Re: backed up sewer line

    You need to call a local company and have them camera the line.

    Then they can give you options of what should be done. Might be able to clean and treat your line for many more years use with some maintenance.

    Or it might be time to replace the line altogether.

    I would get someone local that's recommended. Not a national chain in my opinion.



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      Re: backed up sewer line

      If a "a drain cleaning bladder" works for now, GREAT!

      but no matter what the problem is, a bladder is ONLY temporary relief.
      If it's roots they will continue to grow, and using a bladder will only allow those roots to totally infest your line and possibly even collapse it over time.

      Follow JC's advice, and have someone camera this line so you will know for sure what's going on. I would also add, make sure you attend the entire inspection. Some Co's have been known to show the home owner a tape of someone else's messed line to convince them they need to dig.
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        Re: backed up sewer line

        R.R. probably sent out an 18 year old kid that cleared the soft BLOCKAGE [ wads of toilet paper ] and never cut the roots. Same roots are hanging up more T.P.
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