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  • Plumbing in Arizona

    I'm a Journeyman plumber in Texas, and will be getting my masters next summer. I have a question-what does it take to run a plumbing business in Arizona? Do they have similar system that we have in Texas? In Texas you have to register as a apprentice then after 8,000 hours you can go take your state exam to be a Journeyman plumber. After holding your Journeyman's for a year you can go take your Master's and run a business. How does it work in Arizona? If I was to move to Arizona what would my Texas Journeyman's license get me? How long before I could open a business in Arizona?

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    Re: Plumbing in Arizona

    Not even close to the same. We have no apprentice program requirements no such thing as a journeyman. You work for a licensed plumber for 5 years and then pass the contractors exam get licensed, (business) bonded and insured and you are on your way.
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