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Pool Backwash Into House Sewer?

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    Re: Pool Backwash Into House Sewer?

    Here is the info your lookin for.

    1. It is illegal to discharge any pool into a storm drain, ground water pond, stream, river, ground sepation pond, the state of California. It's a $10,000 fine if your caught. It has to do with the high chloride, TDS and Salinity Levels either going to Ocean or to the ground water supply.

    2. The required drain installation is to a trap with a direct drain line connection between the street and house.

    3. Your pool filter should actually have a 2" drain discharge not a 1" discharge.

    4. The trap needs an airgap. The discharge pipe cannot be inserted into the trap inlet pipe.

    5. You cannot dump into the vent.

    PM me if you have any questions. I own an industrial water treatment and plumbing company in OC. We deal with things like this on a regular basis.

    PS: Here's the biggy fine. Salt Water Pools in a lot of areas cannot be discharged to sewer. You need to contract a waste hauler to suck em'. Funny how the pool contractor forgets that little detail when there selling the homeowner on the merits of a salt water pool. Expect this ban to be State wide in the next five years!