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Sump pump ssp1000/sensor issues

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  • Sump pump ssp1000/sensor issues

    I purchased the new sump pump (MODEL 1000) with water level sensor/switch-$229.00. As others have found, the sensor really needs consistent and "constant" care to work. It gets fouled with a thin soap film, light oil residue or even wet dust.
    What is RIDGID LEADERSHIP DOING to make the sensor better and not so subjected to be BLINDED by film on the surface? The sensor is a great idea, and SHOULD be better than the float type switch. With so many identical issues reported--I found >20 hits on the web-- what is RIDGID doing to help the customer?

    May I suggest RIDGID take the positon to address this issue openly and not run from it. This is a business issue. Your sales locations now even infer the issue needs attention, or the unit will run and run. This reduces sales --that is business you cannot lose. I have other RIDGID equipment, hence I purchased this system.

    Yes, the booklet says (p5- FIGURE 4) to keep the sensor clean --but please do not use this to hide behind. PLease reply RIDGID MANAGEMENT to these issues that are real, and impact your business--unless you are dropiing the Model 1000 sensor design. If this is so, those of us who purchased the item should be given the opportunity to exhange them.

    Dr. Frank Schweighardt
    Has the SSP1000 sensor required cleaning to stop pumping?
    Has the sensor caused you concern- more effort than expected?
    Did you expect better quality from RIDGID?
    Do you expect RIDGID to reply and FIX the issue?

    The poll is expired.

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    Re: Sump pump ssp1000/sensor issues

    Dr, Schweighardt,
    One thing to check is the orientation of the sensor in relation to the inlet of the sump. In some cases the water entering the sump can hit the sensor directly and could cause premature buildup of materials. I would suggest getting in touch with our technical service department at 1-800-519-3456 and they can get some more details on this particular application and help resolve your problem. In either case they will be more than happy to help you with this problem.