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    I am building a new house and am looking into installing a Tankless Water heater to supply hot water to the house and heat the infloor system in the basement. The supplier to the builders plumbing contractor is recommending a Navien CR-240A and closed loop heating box for the application. I have read up on the Navien in the forums here and it seems they have some issues. Can anybody recommend a brand and or system to use in this application. Originally the builder had quoted me on a boiler for the infloor heat and a Tankless system. The boiler seems to be a waste to me if I am gong to go with a Tankless system.

    To give you an idea of the application the house is a 2700 sq/ft two story with 1500 sq/ft of developed basement (infloor heat). There are 3 1/2 bathrooms. I want a system in which 2 showers and one faucet can be used simultaneously.

    Any advice is appreciated.


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    Re: Tankless Heater

    some of our other members can give you more specifics, but the boiler with an indirect hot water tank sounds like the better option in your case.

    Tankless hot water is nice if you Need the space, but if there are more than 1 or 2 of you in the house i'm not sure if the gas savings will really be there.
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      Re: Tankless Heater

      Tankless water heaters will save money. The issue here is the flow rates. What is the water temperature coming to the house in winter? Here we see 43-50 degrees. So bring that up to 120 and you have a 75 degree temperature rise. Most units will flow about 5 gpm at that temp. and that leaves you short of your goal of 2 showers and a faucet. Go with a good wall hung boiler such as a Prestige Solo or a Lochinvar Knight and then put on a quality side arm like an Ultra Stor, Mega Stor, or Knight Squire. With this type of system you will give the customer outdoor reset, plenty of hot water on priority, and a highly reliable unit that quailfles for all rebates.