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Cold 3RD Floor Radiator

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  • Cold 3RD Floor Radiator

    Hi Guys
    Well I do believe I have exhausted my plumbing skills. I have a 2 story building with hot water heat that had piping in the attic about 30' up from the boiler.

    The pipes feed and return came threw the floor where two radiators were at some point in time with a wall between them. These lines have been caped off since I've owned this building.

    Last winter I remoldeled this area and removed the wall. I installed a radiator between one set of pipes and this radiator kicks. By the way this zone of piping also feeds the second floor bathroom radiator.

    Since this new bedroom was rather large and the radiator was on one side of the room I taped in to the other two pipes under the floor and installed another radiator on the other side of the room.

    To do this I had to run a 30' feed and 30' return line around the perimeter of the room with an 18" rise and 18" fall a vertical loop you could say. I installed bleeder elbows at the top of each loop on both lines.

    When I first filled the zone and bleed the lines I got good heat from the first radiator at the top of the rise and about 10 deg less from the one 30' away. Then the next time you check it a day later it's stone cold.

    You can bleed the radiator and the bleeders at the elbows until your blue in the face and no heat. While the radiator at the top of the rise kicks. Also it doesn't seem to have the pressure the other one has coming out the bleeder.

    I'm begining to think I should of hooked them in series.
    and that the hot water is going to the first radiator taking the path of least resistence and returning to the boiler and not flowing to the second.

    The pressure in the fill line is factory set with a new fill valve the guage reads 15 psi cold and I believe I've seen it 20 psi hot (not sure)

    Since it's to late to change any piping can a pump be put on the feed line in the basment to help out the BG 110 pump on the return side of the boiler. Or should I get a kerosene heater.

    Thanks Jake

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    Re: Cold 3RD Floor Radiator

    or diagrams. pics would be better. also you might ask at breid............


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      Re: Cold 3RD Floor Radiator

      You asked the same question in HVAC??????


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        Re: Cold 3RD Floor Radiator

        +1 on the comment by breid1903. pictures adn a diagram would be very helpful. i'm not a plumber, but i repiped my home's hot water heating system and encountered a few unexpected problems. you may very well have created the situation you site keeping water from one or more radiators, causing them to go cold. sometimes, a monoflow tee, instead of a regular tee, is needed to ensure water flows to a radiator while not depriving another radiator of sufficient flow (and the corresponding heating energy). check your piping remembering that water will follow the path of least resistance.
        there's a solution to every just have to be willing to find it.


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          Re: Cold 3RD Floor Radiator

          Originally posted by BrandonG View Post
          You asked the same question in HVAC??????
          Sorry about that I wasn't getting any responce and thought I posted this in the wrong place so I tried HVAC