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diffrence in ridgid transmitters.

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  • diffrence in ridgid transmitters.

    i have a chance to buy seektech st-510 and was wondering what the diffrence is between the seektech st-510 and navitrack line transmitter is. i will be using it to detect pipes as i do plumbing. if anyone can help i would appreciate it.

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    Re: diffrence in ridgid transmitters.

    While both transmitters are capable of delivering the same watts of output (10W below 45 kHz, 1W above 45 kHz), and the ability to adjust the power output, and perform induction from the transmitter or a clamp, there are a couple of distinct differences in my mind that may or may not be an advantage to you.

    For starters, the interface on the ST-510 offers a lot more information that you can use to determine if you have created a good circuit which will give you the best conditions for a solid locate. You will be able to visually see the amount of resistance, and the amount of current you are putting on to your circuit, as well as the amount of voltage it is taking to illuminate the line. Combined with audio indicators you have a lot of information available to you that tells you if you have a good circuit even before you turn on your receiver.

    Another big feature is that you have the ability to program the unit to transmit just about all competitor frequencies, so if you prefer a frequency that is not part of our default choices you can achieve those frequencies.

    My typical advice is to buy a transmitter (and locator) for that matter based on your needs and of course budget. If locating is something you do on occasion then a Scout and one of the smaller transmitters may suit your needs and budget a bit better, if you do a higher volume of locates and more complicated ones, then the ST-510 with its interface and diversity will definitely help you in the field.

    I hope this is of some help


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      Re: diffrence in ridgid transmitters.

      thanks i appreciate the info. i have to say thats why i love this forum. all of the people on here are so helpful. all the guys on here are more than happy to give there advice, im very greatful to this forum because im only 22 and starting out in the plumbing trade i have many questions, and i can find most of my answers here on the forum, Thanks again