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Kitchen drain clogged bad

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    Re: Kitchen drain clogged bad

    Originally posted by WesS View Post
    My kitchen sink is clogged.

    I have cleaned out the trap and the disposal.

    The clog is way down in the pipes some where.

    I used a 20' snake and got some stuff out but it is still clogged past the 20' mark.

    Any suggestions?
    To bad u-all don't live here in No York cause it would cost you $225.00 + tax. So u is gettin off cheap.


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      Re: Kitchen drain clogged bad

      Electrician, Plumbers...ect, they are trained and go to school to learn how to perform the job. 140 for an hour is seem like a high paying job. But he doesn't charge 5 or 6 hours with that rate. The same thing with electrician. He might fix some electrical problem real fast and charge you 100 dollar. Look at it is the charge per job, not by how fast he does it. If he does it fast, it mean he knows what he is doing.
      I just had a problem with the sewer line. It take me two tries to get the right plumbers to fix it. If all average Joe can fix the plumbing, then the price wouldnt be that high. We all know that we can be an Engineer, a programer, or any smart *** job, but we still can't fix all the plumbing around the house. Maybe not because we don't know how to do it. We just don't have the right tool to do the job.
      I would ask serveral plumbers for a quote. Price for fixing a plumbing problem are so vary. Ask them how much they charge upfront to fix the problem. If they can't get the problem fix, how much would they charge you. Sometime it is a good idea to just leave it to the professional.
      Good luck to you.
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        BOSS! i say boss of what?

        you the fry boss at mickyd's? my dad was the boss. he had several small businesses at a time. he never cleaned any drain or sewer. period. i cleaned them. i helped the drain man once. dear old dad then bought a drain machine. i ran it. hand feed drum. go slow. don't kink cable or get beat. my son and daughter are bosses. they don't clean any drains. if they are having kittens, they call and ask who to call. breid .............


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          Re: Kitchen drain clogged bad

          For the OP:

          I guess the issue at hand on this thread is, what is it worth to get your plumbing restored.

          If you don't need to use the offending sink, toilet, bathtub, why pay someone to fix it? You can by thousands of dollars worth of plumbing tools, read all types of publications about plumbing repair. It may take a week or two to resolve the problem.

          Spending 3-4 grand on plumbing tools, taking a week or more to fix the problem. "Priceless"........