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Worthington-Gamon Watchdog water meter

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  • Worthington-Gamon Watchdog water meter

    I have a Watchdog water meter in my home that has started leaking. From what I've found out so far this meter is from the late 1940's to 1950s. We have only lived in the home 8 years but it's an old home (1920s we believe). Anyway, I'm not having any luck finding out any info on this old meter. Does anyone have any knowledge about it and if so, any advice on how I can try to fix it? Any info is greatly appreciated!

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    Re: Worthington-Gamon Watchdog water meter

    All municipalities typically maintain their water meters at no cost other than your water bill on from the meter to the inlet side-(from the street to the meter in other words)

    Leak on the outlet side and you are responsible for repairing it. If this is the case you may need a plumber.