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cold water drains faster then hot?

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  • cold water drains faster then hot?

    We have several sinks at work that I was testing today for slow drains and noticed that when I turn the hot water on and let it run, it builds up in the bowl and drains slowly. If i turn it over to the cold side (with the hot water in the bowl) it starts to drain faster. Once it's drained if i just let the cold water run it continues to drain quickly, barely even backing up. As soon as i switch back over to hot it starts backing up again. Found it to be interesting. Is this a sign there's something in the line? or something to do with the strainer in the bowl?

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    Re: cold water drains faster then hot?

    you could have stronger pressure on the hot side.
    the only dumb question is the one that is not asked!


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      Re: cold water drains faster then hot?

      Put a stopper in the drain and fill the sink up with cold water.
      Pull the plug and time how long it takes to drain.
      Repeat with hot water and compare times.
      Similar times will confirm Jerad's hypothesis.