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What type of pump?

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  • What type of pump?

    I have a low spot between two buildings. When it rains this grassy area fills up with water over a foot deep and about twenty feet in diameter. There is a dry well in the middle but it only fills up and it takes days for the water to percolate down. We have no storm water drainage as we are on an island. I would like to take this water and use it for irrigation by pumping it up a twelve foot grade that is approximately 100 feet to the top then disbursing the water over the grass. I realize that some water may come back down and pond again but the pump should keep pumping until the well is dry. We have 1 1/2" pipe to run uphill with check valves then we would "T" it off and run perforated pipe along the grassy area. The drywell is 30 inches deep and 24 inches wide. I need to know whether I would need a sump pump or a submersible pump and more importantly what horsepower I would need to push it up that high and that far.

    Thanks for any help.