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  • Re-locating Washer

    In the process of moving my washer to a second storey that is directly above it's previous location. It is moving from an outside wall in a mud room to a master ensuite closet. There is a branch line that come from the main stack in the centre of the house out to the outside wall where the washer will be and is vented through the roof. Prior to the move, the washer drained to a laundry tub that tied into this line with a wye in the outside wall of the first floor.

    I now plan to make a hubless wye connection to this line on the second floor to provide a p-trap and stand pipe for the new washer location. It will be the highest drain on this line and only a foot or two from the vent line. Does this sound like a reasonable plan?

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    Re: Re-locating Washer

    First of all, I wouldn't recommend moving the laundry upstairs because certain washers and dryers will make your house sound like a train is running through it, not to mention if you have a washing machine hose burst you will flood more of your house. In my opinion, a laundry room belongs in a basement. Also, in some places in Canada and probably the U.S., laundry rooms are required to have a floor drain. There are also many other factors to consider when moving a laundry room, like the dryer vent, electrical or gas for the dryer, the structure of the floor, the freezing potential from having it on an outside wall to begin with, etc.

    It would be a good idea to consider asking around to find a contractor or contractors that do this sort of work. Im pretty sure other people on here are going to recommend the same thing.
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