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Anyone ever use Leak b gone

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  • Anyone ever use Leak b gone

    Just wanted to find out if anyone has ever used the King Innovation’s Leak-B-Gone? Does this really work?

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    Re: Anyone ever use Leak b gone

    No. But give it a go on your leak if you want. I as a contractor have to use "approved, known, and proven methods" for a customer or I can increase my percentage for a callback or suit.

    In short, if I were working for someone, I would not install it. But it's your house.

    I understand the concept just fine. If it doesn't work then you can start cutting as others describe. If it does, you're happy.

    Better than some of that Billy Mays junk I've seen. (R.I.P Billy Mays)



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      Re: Anyone ever use Leak b gone

      I think I am going to try the heat gun or torch idea. I just ran across that link when I was doing a search but I think that would be like just adding a coupler and praying the leak would stop.