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Unusual shower fixture question

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  • Unusual shower fixture question

    I have a tub/shower fixture that my wife bought from Home Depot (Glacier Bay) ~8 years ago for a remodel. It's now dripping like crazy (and generally falling apart) so I need to replace it. The unusual thing about it is that it has the following three handles (from left to right):

    - Water pressure
    - Tub/shower diverter
    - Water temp

    This setup is very convenient, so would like to replace it with the same setup if possible. I don't want to go with a single handle model (even with separate temp control) because of the holes in the tiles. Obviously there are options for traditional three handle designs (hot-cold-diverter), but ideally I'd stay with the current setup.

    Any suggestions?


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    Re: Unusual shower fixture question

    Don't buy Glacier Bay.....crap,crap, crappity crap
    The Other Rick


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      Re: Unusual shower fixture question

      How about a single handle, pressure balanced valve
      with a matching remodel plate to cover the holes?


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        ditto jim



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          Re: Unusual shower fixture question

          Thanks for the replies. I will definitely avoid Glacier Bay in the future - the handles are held in place by a small hex screw set into plastic which is falling apart.

          I realize that current code calls for a single handle, but we like the way that separate handles work. Plus, I'm not so sure the face plate option will look that great against ceramic tile. Maybe when we do a remodel in a couple of years.

          What about American Standard? I found a three handle set (in brass) for $144 online.


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            Re: Unusual shower fixture question

            single handle code? what code? breid....................