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Sump Pump Problem

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  • Sump Pump Problem

    Ok so my old ridgid sump pump died on me, the motor burned out or broke. After looking around a bit, I bought a new one and was all ready to hook it up. I sucked out the majority of water in the hole. I placed the pump into the hole and hooked up the pvc connected to the pump to the pvc going into the wall. I thought I was all set, I plugged it in and water started spewing everwhere. And it was spraying from where i tightened the one end of pvc to the other end. I wasn't sure what i was missing til I looked at a pic i took of the old pump when it broke it was a black piece at the end of the pipe. I can't find that piece anywhere in my house. I'm hoping that's all I'm missing that will make the leak stop. I plan on going to home depot tomorrow evening after work but was wondering if anyone can tell me what the name of that piece is now til I get there to try and get a head start. I'm attaching the pic below. thank you!
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