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Laundry Room Basin - Lint Problem!

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  • Laundry Room Basin - Lint Problem!

    Hello guys,

    I have a simple question: do you know of a submersible sump pump that can handle lint from my washer? The Zoeller M-53?

    Background: My house is probably about 50 years old and my laundry room is separate from the house - and about 4' below the level of my main drainage system. The washer drains into a concrete sump basin that is outside the house (it also catches rain runoff, but that's a separate problem). The pump that was present when I bought the house quit working about 6 months ago. I replaced it myself with a 1/3hp 1 1/2" submersible pump (in retrospect, it wasn't the right one since the intake was lined by numerous little slits about 1/8" x 1"). It sat in the bottom of the basin on a few bricks to keep it out of sludge. It has since clogged. The impeller also broke -- probably due to over-heating or clogging.

    So now I'm about to install my second sump pump. It's going to be pumping lint from the washer. This is an older home, and the drain system is not a packaged system. The basin is made out of a vertical concrete culvert with an open drain from the laundry room and an outgoing 1 1/2" pipe to the main system -- I don't think there's an easy way to filter the lint out of the water. Do you know of any pumps that can handle the lint?

    Thanks in advance!

    (P.S. I'm a student, I can't afford a real plumber!)

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    Re: Laundry Room Basin - Lint Problem!

    Here's a link to one type that may suit your needs.
    Plumbing shop supr.
    My plumbing hobby site -


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      Re: Laundry Room Basin - Lint Problem!

      put a lint catcher on your drain from the washer before the stand pipe

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