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Sump Pump Not working

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  • Sump Pump Not working


    I have a Ridgid SP-500P Pedestal Sump Pump. This morning i woke up because of a noise which turned out to be the sump pump, it was continuously running. The only way to stop it was to turn it off or push down on the float. It seems that the float is not functioning the way it normally does. The way i understand it, its supposed to operate similar to a toilet and the float moves up and down. Its currently only staying up which is whay the Sump Pump is constantly Running.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on things i can try on my own or something i need to replace. I don't want to have to call someone in if i don't have to but i just don't have alot of experience with Sump Pump Maintenance. Thanks You


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    Re: Sump Pump Not working

    Switch is finally wore out, most common for any dewatering pump.

    You could buy a new switch through ridgid or just buy the guarantee with a new one and the warranty.

    Word of Warning:

    That warranty involves shipping (I believe) and I would expect to buy 2 in this equation, that way there's always one ready for use.
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