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blue ipex 636 primer cleanup

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  • blue ipex 636 primer cleanup

    One of my subs spilt Ipex 636 blue primer on a powder coated painted surface and i cant seem to find a solvent that will clean it but not harm the finish. Does any body have suggestions as to how to clean this. Paul

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    Re: blue ipex 636 primer cleanup

    I don't think so.

    Purple primer is set unless it's wiped off immediately and even then
    it may still leave a stain.

    On a powder coated finish, ouch.

    Anything that will dissolve the primer will eat the paint.


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      Re: blue ipex 636 primer cleanup

      Bad news for you, the finish is very likely shot.
      No, it's not rocket science, it's plumbing and unlike rocket science it requires a license.


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        Re: blue ipex 636 primer cleanup

        I have bought (1) hallways worth of carpet and (2) laundry rooms worth of linolium from purple primer

        It happens and the only fix is replacement of the surface.

        Purple Primer now only moves into a customers house in it's own rubbermaid secondary


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          Re: blue ipex 636 primer cleanup

          Some cities don't force the plumber to use colored primer on finish stage.
          Yes, I know what code is. But some cities will not fail a plumber for not using primer on final, simply because of things like this.

          Edmond oklahoma would not fail for it, but norman, which is a think 50 miles away, would


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            Re: blue ipex 636 primer cleanup

            Yeow! Primer is so fluid that it spills and splashes very easily. I have found that lots of acetone will re-liquify the primer and enable it to be removed/cleaned. However, as stated above, it will most likely damage or etch the surface it's spilled on. Like Bill said, you gotta be so careful with it in finish situations. Have you hear of that new UV clear primer? Check to see if your local code will allow that. It shows up if you use a UV light, so the inspector can see if it's been primed. Without UV, invisible!