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Anybody ever turn down work?

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    Re: Anybody ever turn down work?

    dude, at thompson your like stepped in dog shlt. your all over the place. run anywhere from 3 to 6 calls a day from mt zion rd in kentucky up to middletown. and from state line road to hammersville. i like when they send me from delhi to anderson to west chester then to colerain. i call it the i-two seventy five hundred.


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      Re: Anybody ever turn down work?

      Yes, I have, due to the customer. NOT the job. Usually means the customer is fired.

      For instance, I had a customer I had done work for before that called the other day with a pinhole leak in the crawlspace on the hot line. I talked him through turning the hot water valve off to put things under control and give cold service to the house. I told him where I was and should be done with the current job before 12:00 p.m. (He called around 9:40 a.m.) He seemed worried I couldn't get there but I assured him I would call before 12 to let him know if he needed to make other arrangements.

      I called him back on his mobile at 10:40 a.m. to tell him I was on my way...he did not answer. Within 50 feet of his driveway at 10:55 a.m. he calls and says he has someone else there repairing it.

      I don't get mad or send any bill, but he is fired as a customer for the rest of his life and possibly anyone he would recommend.

      Typically though, I don't turn down work unless the customer is an unreasonable person in my opinion.



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        Re: Anybody ever turn down work?

        I dont turn down work and thats my problem, you know the job that the customer is saying how he wants it done, and your gut says run just run! But I stay and we find other things that are in the way or bad, and the customer says you said this much blah blah blah, then I look down at my gut and say you where right again buddy!
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          Re: Anybody ever turn down work?

          I had a house filled with roaches.
          Turn on the water and the roaches came out from under the handle!
          Once had a regular cust. in a crummy part of town with
          bullet holes in the basement block.
          Accidentally walked into hydroponic pot farm in a basement.
          (He was good at this..these were plants from a High Times cover!)
          I have waaaay overbid jobs for remodels in crummy parts of town...
          and got the jobs anyway.Just gotta lock the truck and start and get out early.
          I turned down a repair on a galvanized feed to a house...
          Needed to be updated.My fix would have been a bandaid on a larger problem
          so I steered him in the direction of a water and sewer company to start getting bids on a new service.

          Older folks in bad parts of town I will always bend over backwards to
          give a break on service calls if they need it.

          Last week I had a call at the end of the day,old couple,old
          ratty house,they couldn't get around too well and they caled us for a new
          waste and overflow for the tub.
          Old one fell off and the had a large trash bucket in the basement catching
          the water..for a looong time.
          Large tree next to the house and 1/2" of roots carpeting the basement floor.
          I quoted them slightly over our regular rate as there was no access panel.
          They lead me into the bathroom.Water to the house was shut off at the meter
          as I found out everything leaked.
          I gagged through the entire time because the little,constantly barking dog
          peed,pooped on some papers by the bathroom door that had not
          been changed in a while.
          I get the new waste and overflow on and reached my finger into the pipe
          to find it was plugged.
          K39 to the rescue.Did this as a freebee.
          Get a new trap on....good. Done.
          Almost.Look over at the has a bucket under it and the remains
          of a trap.So I drop a new trap in (Eat this too.)
          go down stairs and turn on the water and test everything.
          Tub drains,no leaks!
          Lav .....
          Of course not.Run the water and blooooop....up it comes.
          K39 to the rescu.......nope.
          Motor fries in mid stroke of helping these poor folks out on this.
          Out to the truck for my 3/8 machine
          only to chase some kid off trying to break in to the back.
          Opened that drain and left them with my phone number
          to fix the shower faucet leak and put in a new lav faucet on my dime.
          They paid the bill counting out cash very carefully and mentioned
          They had a Rooter and one other company come out refuse the job.


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            Re: Anybody ever turn down work?

            Even though I could handle more work, I stopped the following here in recent weeks:

            Any water heater replacement over 50 gallons

            Kitchen sink replacements (might be doing on monday though)

            Customers that call twice over 3 days asking for pricing for clogged urinals in restaurants.

            Give me a few more weeks and I'll come up with something else I don't want to do anymore.
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              Re: Anybody ever turn down work?

              I agree with some of the other post , I never turn down work , In that situation i would have charged alot more than i would normally, due to the insect festation. I have had many of those jobs before, they were mostly people in there 70s and 80s that could not get around that good and lived by themselves and really never cleaned up after themselves due to there age, I have seen some really nasty things under there sinks, lol.