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rigid 141 or4p die heads

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  • rigid 141 or4p die heads

    where can I find info on how to set up and use my ancient 2.5"--4" hog head threader\.I have dies,universal joint , #300 nad #535 machines.

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    Re: rigid 141 or4p die heads

    this is the best i could find right now. sorry.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: rigid 141 or4p die heads

      the best location I have found is in the power threader manuals,

      below is a 300 manual staring in on page 16 or 17,

      you could possibly look up a few of the other power threaders, and see what they have as well,
      go to the threader of choice and click on the manual Icon, and it should down load for you,
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        Re: rigid 141 or4p die heads

        Do you have the 141 or 4P?

        There is a difference, the 141 is jam proof, meaning when it has the pipe threaded it will trip out the gear drive preventing it from advancing an farther. The 4p has to be manually stopped or it will continue to keep advancing on itse3alf and jam at the end of the threader itself, you have to watch it and know when to stop.

        If you set it up using the universal drive shaft, BE CAREFUL. I have seen people get them in a bind and actually flip a 300 over, VERY DANGEROUS. A 700 will also pull these threaders, can use a piece of pipe in the handle for extra leverage. I have seen fitters use a short piece of pipe in the handle and let the other end ride in a pipe stand.

        For short nipples you will need the drive bar to mount the threader on the machine. For full length stuff if you are using the drive shaft, be sure the pipe is held very securely in a heavy well secured vise on a bench or a tripod chain vise that is held to the floor with the jack screw.

        Setting the threader up on the pipe is pretty straight forward, just make sure it is centered and the chuck is tight and use plenty of a good quality cutting oil. We took a metal trash can lid, cut out about a 12" hole in the center and them bent the inside edges down to make like a large shallow funnel to place on top of a oiler bucket to help catch shavings and dripping oil (just an idea for ya to use).

        Good luck and be careful with it.



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          Re: rigid 141 or4p die heads

          My 141's both have start and stop marks on the shaft. You don't want to run it all the way down to the jam proof pins.

          Make sure you have it set on tapered rather than straight threads.

          Hold your hand over the fan motor outlet on the 700 when you are reversing. It blows cutting oil everywhere if you don't.

          Good luck. It's easy.