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    Quick question. I have some supply lines for the shower below grade on an exterior wall. Where it runs horizontally on the wall is probably 1 ft below grade so that is a plus and the wall is insulated with rigid board (XPS) to around R-20. However in some places I only have R-10 like behind shower valves etc. I was thinking of using Great Stuff canned foam in the areas where I cannot fit another sheet of R-10 to get me R-20.
    I have also heard to keep the face of the pipe (the interior side) clear of the canned foam or those insulating sleeves as you want heat which transmits through the drywall to more easily hit the pipe? Or should I simply encase the whole copper pipe in foam?
    What R-value behind a pipe is sufficient for a climate like Minneapolis MN?

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    Re: Pipe Insulation MN

    In terms of R value your over my head.
    In house design here first priority is keep
    water pipes OUT of exterior walls.
    I would tack on at least $100 to do service if
    I had to chop away a ton of great stuff to do
    whatever. A better idea is call SPS or Park Supply
    and get some arm a flex pipe insulation.
    The thickest they will sell ya!
    Tri-Star Insulation Co. 6095 East River Road Fridley, MN 55432
    Will have have some 1" thick fiberglass pipe insulation.

    At least,Heat tape! We are in the middle of a good cold spell
    so if anything is quite bad you are finding out.