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sep-500 sewer pump

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  • sep-500 sewer pump

    I recently replaced a burnt out pump with the ridgid 1/2 hp. The float switch is set to activate the pump at 18 inches, however once the water level reaches that high it starts to backup the toilet and leak from the tank. Is there anyway I can adjust the float switch to activate sooner? Thanks for your help.

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    Re: sep-500 sewer pump

    Sounds like you have a shallow crock. About the only thing you can do to take care of this is to get rid of the Ridgid pump and buy one from a company like Stevens that has a 13" pump start hight. The Stevens S7010 has a 13" start - 5 1/2" stop.
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      Re: sep-500 sewer pump

      Not a big fan of the "SEP-500 1/2 HP". I thought it had poor design. You can not adjust the base from pump, to reposition the location of your float if needed. If it turns out your float is under the outfall of the sewage pipe, sewage waste will accumulate on the float and it will not function as designed. Most of your pumps allow you to unbolt the base and rotate it. Also there is not ring or handle to assist with lowering the pump in the sump. Finally its all plastic, so its light and will rattle more than a cast iron pump.