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Apollo Pex Any Good?

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    Re: Apollo Pex Any Good?

    Originally posted by jjscleaning View Post
    Hire a plumber! it's going to take you forever to do it. and might not be done right.
    Has nothing to do with my original post. I just want to know if anyone here has used this product, and what there opinion was. Not looking to start a Copper vs. Pex thread, or should I do this my self thread. Just are the Apollo fittings sold at Lowes, made in China, trash or not. We all know Zurn had trouble, but this is not the same product. I find myself reading labels now in hardware stores, seems like nothing is made in the U.S.A. anymore. I had to run to the Local ACE for some Copper fittings today, and all of the ball valves where made in Indonesia.
    I know general consensis is Copper is superior, and Uponor/Wirsbro and Viega are the best Pex systems out there.

    Originally posted by NHMaster3015 View Post
    Am I the only one here that see's the irony of replacing Polybutlyne with Pex?

    Out of the frying pan and into the fire
    I agree, and if it was new constuction, it would be copper, but on the spur of the moment, I am not financially prepared for this. I've had no problems for 3 years now, and all of the suddon, boom, 3 failures in 3 weeks.

    Originally posted by mr bonds View Post
    i forgot to mention we put 120psi hydrostatic test for at lest 24 hours most of the time the test is on for weeks until ready 4 trimout
    Thanks for your input. It is appreciated!


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      Re: Apollo Pex Any Good?

      like i said we use both every single day i have pex in fifty thouand dollar homes and one million dollar homes most people ask for it probably because the doit urself magazines rate it pretty good i always give the home owner a choice but we also do copper in those same price range homes we use zurn and the brands i mentioned above all the time with no problems its all in how it installed but between me my dad and my brother we have almost 90 years combined plumbing experience plus we all r florida state certified master plumbers but also remember i said florida where it some times 80 degrees christmas day so whatever u decide make sure ur pipes r protected from the elements. if u could get the wirsbo stuff it is a lot better fittings i wish everyone wasn't so cheap down here so our supply houses wouldn't have stopped carrying it so they could be competitive


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        Re: Apollo Pex Any Good?

        Originally posted by Jamey View Post
        Thanks for the replies.
        Seems that the zurn fittings were failing at the T-connections, and the threaded connections. I dont have any threaded fittings. Anyway I beat the crap out of that fitting. The material was maliable and hung in there pretty well, bending under hard hits. It didn't snap until I chucked it up against the shoulder and hit it very firmly. I'm just glad the broken peice didn't hit my Corvette. So I consider this a pass.
        I would check out

        Originally posted by Jamey View Post
        It looks like the Pex guys prefer Uponor/Wirsbro, but I don't see how I would be able to install it properly in the confined areas I am working in. Most of the plumbing is confined in my downstairs ceilings behind drywall.
        This really isn't true. Uponor would like you to think this, but this isn't the case. Sure certain area's prefer it over its competition, but if you take a look at the ratings there is a difference. The people at ASTM came out with a newer ID mark for PEX. Now the best possible PEX you can get is a PEX5306. I'm not sure if Uponor has it or not but it should say right on the pipe. It seems to be a bit of a tricky world out there with PEX but if you do your homework you should be fine.


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          Re: Apollo Pex Any Good?

          First, i'm not a HUGE fan of PEX myself, but use it quite a bit for many reasons.

          I have used the Wirsbo system and the Apollo/Zurn/Cash Acme etc. copper crimp ring system.

          The Viega system seems great, but I have not tried it myself.

          I have not had a fitting failure yet with the Apollo system, out of easily a few hundred installed (old boss got everything possible at Lowe's)

          I will list some important keys to anyone's crimp ring system. You may already know this stuff.... but if you're really gonna do this yourself, hopefully this will help.

          -minimize the number of fittings

          -crimp the fittings properly

          -use a go-no go gauge for every fitting

          -pressure test with air whenever possible, for as long as practical, but a minimum of several hours

          -protect the installed PEX from excess movement

          -protect the installed PEX from nails, screws, etc

          Hope this is helpful.

          Good Luck!


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            Re: Apollo Pex Any Good?

            Good advice _