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sump pump problems

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  • sump pump problems

    My sump pump, Rigid SSP-1000 shuts turns on and off every 20 seconds with a full basin. Could someone help me explain why?

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    Re: sump pump problems

    The cut in level on the ssp -1000 is seven inches and the cut out level is 3 inches. One thing to check is if the sensor is dirty, this could cause the pump to run excessively. Another tip that I have heard is to ensure that when the pump is placed in the crock the sensor is not in a direct line with the incoming water. As the water enters the crock it could hit the sensor on its way down causing the pump to think the level is higher than it actually is. If the problem persists I would give our technical service department a call at 1-800-519-3456 and they will be able to dig a little deeper in to the problem.