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Toilet gurgels then drains slow

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  • Toilet gurgels then drains slow

    I live in a ranch home on a slab. This problem started Sunday where the toilet in our second bathroom will begin to gurgle when taking a shower in the main bathroom. The toilet is fine any other time but after this happens it will back up when fushing. It will drain eventually and I can hear it doing so as well. I am not a plumber so I don't know how to explain it right, but the main bathroom is closer to the outside main line and the second bathroom is further back. I have read other postings but they all seem to be a little different than my issue. Is it a vent problem, or a blocked drain problem? Can regular liquid pipe cleaner work? Also, we got about 10in of snow the day before, not sure if that matters. Please help.

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    Re: Toilet gurgels then drains slow

    If you have a septic system, it sounds like it needs to be pumped & inspected.

    If not, it sounds like you have some blockage/restriction near the problematic bathroom and/or outside in the sewer line.

    If tank, I'd say call a licensed & recommended local septic contractor that does pumping.

    If no tank, I'd say call a licensed & recommended local plumber or drain professional and they should be able to help you.

    Good luck.