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When water heaters fail?

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  • When water heaters fail?

    My State 75 gallon water heater is 24 years old. Never had a problem with it, and it's never been flushed. I'm tempted to replace it, but it seems to me that the older appliances are built better than the new ones.

    My question is, when water heaters fail, do they usually leak slowly, or do they bust sometimes, causing immediate damage? Should I flush it and see what kind of condition the water is that comes out? I'm on public water, and the quality/ph is excellent.

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    Re: When water heaters fail?

    better have a licensed plumber take a look at it


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      Re: When water heaters fail?

      jamey, at 24 years old, it's time to replace it. i'm assuming the heater is installed indoors and will cause damage. typically they tend to slowly leak and will leak more as they heat up. usually they will put out the pilot light and give you cold water.

      out here, there are plenty of heaters outside that go unnoticed. when the leak, it's only an inconvenience.

      the cost of a new heater is peanuts compared to the cost of the damage it can do.

      also, the heater can be replaced on a contract basis and not an emergency basis. plus the interest on your money you're saving is pennies today.

      if it was me, at my house, i would have a new one ready and wait to see how long it will last. but remember that mine is outside and it will do no damage. other than the damage joey will inflict with a cold shower

      for a customer in your situation.change it sooner than later
      phoebe it is


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        Re: When water heaters fail?

        24 year old water heater is screaming to be changed and install a new one. What kind of damage can a leaking water heater make? It depends on how long you are away from the home when it does decide to leak. It can be a slow steady stream or a flowing river. No one can say that it will leak for sure and the best that can happen is it stops working. Why wait for that to happen.

        Opening the drain valve may end up being the death of the heater with the sediment that is inside the unit. Chances are great that it will develop a leak at the valve. Spend the money now and save yourself some headache. It is easier when you choose the time instead of allowing the heater to choose the time it breaks down.
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          Re: When water heaters fail?

          I have removed several 30 gallon lowboys from a condo building here in Florida. They were all Ruuds. I do fully agree that they don't make em like they used ones down here are lucky to last 10 years. But like they it really worth the possibility of catastrophic damage?