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how to check expansion tank?

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  • how to check expansion tank?

    Now I have three expansion tanks under my basement. they are located at:
    1. the newly installed gas water heating system;
    2. above my solar + electric hot water heater;
    3. my 25 yrs old closed loop solar panel hot water system;

    How do I know they are still working? Leaking is one of the sign of replacement is needed but how do i know they are actually still useful by sitting there without any leakage?


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    Re: how to check expansion tank?

    At the opposite end of the tank, where it connects to the water supply, there is a schraeder valve that is a commonly found on your tires for inflation.

    If you depress the pin and air comes out, tank is fine. Do not allow a lot of air to escape.

    If you depress the pin and any water whatsoever emits, or no air at all, the tank is likely defective or has lost its ability to properly function.

    If the Thermal Expansion Tank is more than 5 years old, it most likely is defective if no air is present.

    If the tank needs replacement, it must be gauged and pressurized to match the system it is connected to with the static line pressure, meaning the pressure when all valves are off and no leaks.

    This is common practice required by the manufacture.
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      Re: how to check expansion tank?

      and the only way to set the pressure the right way is to set it before you install it or if there is no pressure on the water side

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