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Green Faucets???

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  • Green Faucets???

    got a call from my brother in law that lives in wis. mind u im a texas plumber saying his faucet water pressure was low. over the thanksgiving holidays i checked it out and it was very low ONLY in the kitchen! the house is piped in galv. but none of the pipe looked bad at all. all the joints looked from the eye to be in good shape. mind u the house is old. could this be a green faucet? i believe it was a Kohler i looked around and i cant seem to find anything!

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    Re: Green Faucets???

    There are some lower GPM faucets recently. The ones I've seen are 1.5gpm. Not sure if Kohler makes one yet though. I haven't ran into it.

    Galvy can cause restriction in a single place easily.

    Start by taking the aerator out and cleaning it. If it's a pullout spray, take the sprayer loose from the hose and check the inlet side. Also turn on the faucet and check the flow from the hose. No pressure there, got to keep going down.

    Cartridge, supplies, stops, pipe.

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      Re: Green Faucets???

      I had a faucet once that had screens down in the cartridge, and they would get plug with stuff breaking off the old galvanized pipe, one had to disassemble the unit pull out the screens and clean and most of the time I would carefully turn on the water at the shut off and wash out the line up to the cartridge, (carefully unless you want a shower), then replace the screens and put he unit back together,

      most of the time now it is just the aerator getting plugged
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        Re: Green Faucets???

        thanks guys ya i did check the ariator and it was clean! the faucet is only about 2 years old he said! i know the galv will back up pretty easy and i know its not the faucet... sooo im going to see what he is willing to pay to start changing some pipe out possibly a nice size re-pipe!


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          Re: Green Faucets???

          first thing is to disconnect the fed lines from the angle stops and get out a 5 gal. bucket. open the line and let it fill into the bucket full blast. is the water clean, rusty, got chunks

          how is the volume on the hot, and cold?

          you could try blowing out the faucet from the spout back. if it's a pull out sprayer, then there are check valves. if it has a side sprayer, then there is a diverter.

          this whole green thing is b.s.

          phoebe it is


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            Re: Green Faucets???

            We had a
            "The Green Plumber"
            Pumping the green thing throughout the full pickup truck vinyl skin.
            Matter of fact I aint seen him in over a year.

            I don't like the scam


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              Re: Green Faucets???

              We have started to run into a very large amount of faucets purchased from the home centers that are low flow faucets.I have been changing the areators to increase the flow.

              I am with Rick to start at the e-stops and work from that point.

              Wait for the 1.28 flush water closets that are out there creating more stoppages with the old cast iron piping.


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                Re: Green Faucets???

                its going to be hard to do since im in texas and he is up north in wis. thanks for the helpful replies ill see where it takes me.


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                  Re: Green Faucets???

                  word to the wise, 5 gal buckets are really about 4.5 gal. breid...............


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                    Re: Green Faucets???

                    If the faucet is 2 years old ..
                    How was the flow when it was new ?
                    If the diverter can come out , take it out and flush out the faucet with it removed..