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Sub pump probs

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    Re: Sub pump probs

    Originally posted by JoeBar14 View Post
    That's understandable.

    But my question was if they drill lower than me, (lets say 140ft) am I going to be the one without water now or is what a few people said about your water coming from 100 miles away be my saviour

    Simply put no your well wouldn't just drain into a lower well.

    The flow of a well is based on the aquifer supplying it. There is little reason to believe both you and your neighbor can't tap into the same aquifer and have plenty of water.

    Well drilling is a complicated and very simple science at the same time. The simple concept is you drill till you get your desired flow or the cost gets to high.

    In my experience if someone else doing something on their property effects your well there is little or no recourse. They have every right to drill or blast as they need to for their own purposes. The only time the state gets involved in well issues is when there is reason for the EPA to get involved. The EPA isn't concerned about your wells flow they are concerned about things like water contamination and excessive uses that could effect aquifers for miles around or wetlands being drained. So worry about your own well and not about your neighbors well.

    That said as speedbump has mentioned get someone in there that knows what they are doing. Your attempts to identify the issues involved are extremely time consuming on your part and would take someone like myself or speedbump considerable less time and come to better conclusions. It is money well spent.


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      Re: Sub pump probs

      I fully agree with boy and what he advises may save you a lot of money down the road.