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pressure in residential steam boiler

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  • pressure in residential steam boiler

    I changed out the pressuretroll, pigtail, pressure gage, and all airvents in system except the one on top of the boiler (It seems to be working). I don't seem to be building pressure at all, but the radiators are getting hot. The bioler stays on till the t-stat satifies. Is that normal operation?

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    Re: Wire 4 Way Switchs with 14/2

    Bottom line is that it IS against code. The fact that it is a bad idea is secondary.

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      Re: pressure in residential steam boiler

      Residential steam boilers typically run at 2-5psig so if you didn't use a low pressure gauge(0-15psig) it probably just looks as though it's not building.
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        how come boiler will not build pressure?

        My boiler is not building pressure to cycle gas valve. New gages, pressuretroll, and airvents installed. Where else could there be possible pressure leak and would there be any significant clues?


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          Re: how come boiler will not build pressure?

          Why were you replacing those controls to begin with?
          Do you have the proper gauge for your system?
          Is the boiler flooded?
          What exactly is it doing?...constant firing without cycling?
          Check your differential
          Does it have a underground condensate return? if so, look for hot spots. Steam leaks above ground would be obvious.
          What is your expierience with steam heat?