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  • Rigid Sump Pump

    I had a 1/2 hp Rigid Sump pump installed about 5 months ago. Something seems to be wrong with the float as the pump is being activated every 15 -30 seconds and it does not drain the water all the way down to the bottom of the pit. It is winter here so it's simply ground water seeping in. Thoughts?

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    Re: Rigid Sump Pump

    Just a few things I would suggest checking out:

    I would makes sure the float is set properly, is it coming on at the right time, or too soon?

    I would also check to ensure that the float is not being obstructed in any way, preventing it from operating properly.

    A bad check valve could cause the water that was just removed from the pit to drop right back in once the pump turns off.

    Another thing I have seen is where the discharge line dumps the water too near the foundation and it runs right back in to the tile.

    I hope these help out a bit, I would suggest you get in contact our tech service department at 1-800-519-3456, once they have the model number of your pump, they will be able to help you narrow down the problem with your pump.


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      Re: Rigid Sump Pump

      I also have a 1/2HP Rigid sump pump that is doing the same thing.


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        Re: Rigid Sump Pump

        Lots of times this is caused by a faulty check valve. Also if you are having a good rain or thaw, the ground water is just coming in so quick that it is making the pump short cycle. I get many calls about the pumps no matter what brand installed short cycling. When I arrive in most cases it is a to small of a diameter of a sump pump pit. Other times it is caused by the discharge is not carrying the water far enough away from the home so it is just getting pumped out and finding its way right back into the drain tiles. This happens a lot where people have a black 1 ΒΌ" corrugated hose attached to the discharge pipe and the black pipe froze, and the pump blew it off the discharge pipe.
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          Re: Rigid Sump Pump

          I bought a sump pump does not work at all. What to do?