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Rigid SP-500 Sump Pump MAJOR Issues

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  • Rigid SP-500 Sump Pump MAJOR Issues

    I installed a RIGID SP-500 early in December and everything was fine. My sump gets a regular workout, as my house is right in the edge of a flood plane.
    About a month after the installation, I noticed that the pump would start, immediately shutoff and start again for the full cycle. At that point I should have realized I had an issue, but since it did pump out the pit, I overlooked it.
    About 2 months after the installation, maybe last week, I noticed that the pump would start, immediately shutoff, and start again with NO full cycle. This would continue 10 to 12 times until the water level was low enough not to trigger the pump.
    Last night, Sunday 9PM, as I'm heading out of my basement office, hear my backup pump alarm going off. When I looked at the pit, I noticed that the trigger arm on the pump had completely fallen off and the pump wouldn't start.
    Clealy this could have been a costly mishap, had I not had the backup. I installed a new pump this morning, not a RIGID, because I was super irriatated and was wondering if anyone had any other issues like this or if I was alone on this.