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How Hack is this idea?

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  • How Hack is this idea?

    I'm remodeling my bathroom....swapping positions of the vanity and the toilet so that the toilet is next to the tub to provide access to the faucet...we've got a little one on the way and will probably spend lots of time bent over the tub washing him. Also, the tub was ready to fall through the floor, and the finish was peeling off.

    In pondering over how to do the sink drain, I noticed that the soil stack is directly behind the sink. I also noticed that 1 1/4" trap assemblies exist for lav drains, which is important becuase I happen to have a 1 1/4" NPT tap in my collection...(but not a 1 1/2" NPT tap).
    I also found a 1 1/4" galv. nipple.

    The tenative plan: holesaw and tap 1-1/4"NPT threads in the side of the soil stack, screw in my nipple, and tie in the trap using a plastic compression nut. The soil stack is cast iron and by my calcs should 3/8" wall thickness, which is more than adequate to support a 4 inch nipple and a plastic P-trap assembly.

    How hack is this?

    The other option is to cut out the soil stack and replace with ABS, then glue the drain in place.

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    Re: How Hack is this idea?

    It's hack.

    I'd replace the stack and put in a santee.

    But it's your house, and it all depends on how much pleasure you'd derive from using the material and tools you have on hand.


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      Re: How Hack is this idea?

      What happens when it clogs up and you have someone snake it out or you use drano? If it's a hack connection don't be alarmed when it gets messed up and you have to rip open the wall again to stop the flooding.


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        Re: How Hack is this idea?

        Older cast iron could fracture if you're tapping into it, you could shatter the stack and have to replace it. Might as well avoid the frustration and replace it anyway, with ABS or PVC.


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          Re: How Hack is this idea?

          what you're trying to accomplish is what is called a wet vent. but how you're attempting to accomplish this is called a "rube goldberg"

          not sure if it's a term used around the country. but it certainly a term used in the plumbing industry out here.

          it's illegal what you're proposing to do for many reasons.

          nothing wrong with a wet vented sink. but you can't drill and tap a fitting. and you need a san tee. cut in a 4''x 1.5'' tapped san tee if you can find one. if not just a 4 x 1.5'' san tee and band a abs pipe or a no threaded nipple on the connection.

          what kind of mechanic are you? we might be able to trade work

          phoebe it is


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            Re: How Hack is this idea?

            Hey Rick...i tried to send you a PM but your inbox is full....clear 'em out!.


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              Re: How Hack is this idea?

              Ummm Its full for a reason....
              411 Plumb Appliance Stimulus Package


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                Re: How Hack is this idea?

                If I had more ambition this morning I would post the section of the code that forbids drilling and tapping of vents and mains, so take my word for it, you can't! well, you can, but you shouldn't