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dripping sound in wall when water is on

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    Re: dripping sound in wall when water is on

    Originally posted by Chemeng View Post
    Expansion and contraction of pipes (both copper and ABS/PVC) rubbing against wood studs/joists can make a similar noise as water dripping. Happened in the last house I lived in. Drove me nuts, but not nuts enough to tear the plaster down and investigate.
    I agree with this. We see this a lot. To figure out if it is this. Run hot water through a faucet near to where you hear the noise the most. Let it run for a good 8-10 minutes., If you hear the clicking noise, then run cold water through for about 8-10 minutes. Noise will most likely change. Then just run cold water for a while, and see if the clicking is there or as loud.
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