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Yet another toilet thread!

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  • Yet another toilet thread!

    I need a couple of new toilets and would value your expert thoughts.

    I used to have a pair of Kohler Gabrielle toilets. These were about $350 each, the seat was extra (and not that sturdy). But the performance was "crappy". Every single time it was two flushes - sometimes because of stuff left behind but always because the water wasn't quite clear... gross! The old builder grade fixtures that were in before the Kohlers were ugly but had a much better flush. So I'm not inclined to go with Kohler again.

    I like a one-piece because there's no seam between tank and bowl to clean. I've read that one piece are to be avoided, but I wonder why... comments?

    Toto Drake seems to be popular but the bowl wash has been noted as maybe not so good? Also it's a kinda plain-looking two-piece. I would like a powerful flush but seems to me that the best toilet overall would have good bowl wash, too. No one here "generates" a bowl full of golf balls or legos (not generally, anyway) so the spectacular demonstrations don't seem too relevant to me.

    I'm intrigued (well, as intrigued as you can get over a toilet) with the Toto Cyclone flush - no holes in the rim and allegedly good cleaning action. Any comments on the overall performance? They make the Soiree and Guinevere models in ada height (not necessary but we're used to it) and sanagloss. Any thoughts on those? Terry Love's website likes these models but it seems like he pushes them a little "too" hard... I would much rather have your comments!

    I question the new 1.28 gpf based on comments here that this might not be enough water to keep the waste moving. Is the "pro" consensus still that this is the case?

    Does the sanagloss finish really help or is it marketing fluff? I would spend some extra moolah on this if it meant that I would need less cleaning products... based on what's in there, I can't believe that those cleaners are too good for the porcelain or the environment.

    I'm willing to spend some bucks if needed ($500/each or therebouts is about the limit though) but I don't want another pair of fixtures that cost good money but disappoint "in the end" (pun intended).

    Any other quality thrones out there that I need to look at?


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    Re: Yet another toilet thread!

    I think that most 1.28 toilets are well engineered today.

    If you want a truly high performance toilet that is also water efficient, you could consider a pressure assisted 1.0 gpf model

    I know that you don't care for Kohler, but here's one of theirs that is a pressure assisted 1.0 gpf model:

    Kohler also has some nice dual flush toilets available (1.6 gpf for solid and .8 for liquid) I've installed several and customers are very happy with them.

    All of the Kohler listed above are Water Sense labeled. Definitely not the cheapest out there.

    I have 2 Kohler toilets in my home and my father has 3 in his home. We like them a lot and no complaints. Their engineering is top notch. Also, my father is an inspector and sees a variety of toilets cheap to expensive in action on final inspections and, in his opinion, Kohler has the best flush. Plumbing fixture manufacturers are akin to car manufacturers in customer preference and loyalty.

    Obviously, I'm partial to Kohler. I'm sure others will disagree or have another brand that they prefer. However, to me, Kohler seems to have good engineering and a variety of impressive styles. Parts are usually very easy to come by as well.

    Best luck

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      Re: Yet another toilet thread!

      Well, I am not sure which "to" buy but stay away from the American Standard Cadet4 all in one,

      Man, I just bought that and its a stainer

      Someone told me to "RAINex" the bowl, if you get what I am layin down

      This one , I do not enjoy using , Thank gawd, I at least have a bidet seat on it, to make up for the staining of the bowl


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        Re: Yet another toilet thread!

        I'll go with the Toto Drake II with the cyclone flush myself.
        There is a good reason why Terry pushes them so hard...
        They work Great!
        411 Plumb Appliance Stimulus Package


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          Re: Yet another toilet thread!

          You really just can't beat this forum for great advice & insight.

          Yup, I wasn't thinking Kohler but I'll keep an open mind.

          I've heard other bad things about American Standard quality being disappointing. Bummer about the staining - "I feel your pain" - but sure am glad you mentioned it!

          Good to hear that the Totos are still good 'uns.

          Great comments! I'm hoping more will chip in with the benefit of their experience.