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  • gas boiler maintain

    Do I need to turn off the gas boiler power during the summer? or just keep it in standby.

    Do I need to flush the heating system every ?? year? I found the water inside was very bad (dirty) when the plumber worked at my oil to gas conversion.

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    Re: gas boiler maintain

    I'm not an expert but seeing that no one has answered here are my thoughts on this.

    As far as powering down the boiler for the summer - it probably does not matter one way or the other but the best thing to do would be to consult the boiler manual and see what it suggests.

    I've only had a radiator based heating system when I lived in Europe and yes the water inside the system can become dirty so a flush every few years would not be a bad thing.

    Here in San Diego we have very hard water so when I installed my tankless a few years ago (Takagi TK1) I added access ports very close to where the water enters and exists the heater and so I would be able to flush the heat exchanger. I used to flush it with a mild solution of vinegar to descale it every year (using a drill pump) until I installed a water softener and I have not done it since.

    If you have hard water in your area that would be a good reason to flush since the system may have scale buildup.


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      Re: gas boiler maintain

      If you keep adding water or flushing the system out every year you will get more and more scale build up. It's best to put the water in there once and then leave as much of it in there for as long as possible. When you add water or replace all the water it takes a long time for all the oxygen to work its way out. The more oxygen and air you have in the system the faster it will corrode.

      You should test the PH level. You want it as close to 7 on the PH scale as possible. It's better to be at 8 than 6. If it's way off you will want an expert to come in and possibly add some chemicals. If you're going to flush it out at the very least you should pre-treat your water with a softener. If not then you'll need to add a phosphate solution to help take care of the mineral salts (scale and whatnot) inside your system.

      If your boiler has a standing pilot light I would for sure shut it down for the summer. Otherwise you're just wasting money.
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