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  • unclogged

    Hello everyone, my name is lou and i would like to ask if anyone could help me. I got a call for a clogged bathtub, so i got there and used a general super vee and fed the pop out and the snaked out 20ft and it wouldn't go any farther. The tenant then told me that the apartment in back of her there tub was also backed up. So i figure i would take a look at the other apartment. They have a shower tub, so i try the drain in thr center of the tub. Same thing the snake stops at the 20 foot mark and no luck. I then go outside and look at the stacks and find the main 4" and then try that. I know that it couldn't have been the main cause nothing else was back up. So i tried and tried thinking where and what could i do for them. There was another vertical stack above kitchen but i thought no way that couldn't possibily solve my problem. Any suggestions would help thanks.

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    Re: unclogged

    Unfortunately all vents dont make it all the way through the roof
    Time for a drophead ,with a slow spin


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      Re: unclogged

      not knowing your set up, are you sure it was only a tub stoppage and no other fixtures would affect the tub

      lets assume it was only the 2 tubs and nothing else.

      very simple answer. they're a back to back install with the wrong double san tee fitting. you basically snaked from tub to tub. that's why the same footage was encountered.

      unless your a construction plumber, you'll have a hard time understanding the layout and issue with this.

      i've had a few buildings with this scenario and it is very frustraing to get them cleared. of course with a micro drain camera, i can see the drop and position the cable via the camera in the opposite drain.

      phoebe it is


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        Re: unclogged

        Thanks guys i just got beat up on this call! Rick your thinking on the camera deal is what i was thinking, but don't have the cash for one yet. So i let the H/O know about calling someone that has one.


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          Re: unclogged

          del is right if you don't have a camera use a drop head. i have used a cable with a bent end. you need to have an idea of where drain drops at. i get cable through fittings then push and pull cable back and forth until it drops. mark cable back at 12' on high side so kink is down. you know we did this for a hundred years before we had cameras. i'm not against cameras either. i can afford one, i can't rationalize one. i would rather spoil my grand kids. breid..............